Callink "The Ultimate Teamwork Messenger"

Easy-to-Use Messaging

Callink lets you experience a user-friendly messaging app with the simpler flow you can follow since the first try.

Private and Public Channel

Join and share messages to your groups which you can set as private or open to the public.

Message Threads

Threads allow you to find, respond to, and follow certain conversations without getting them mixed with other discussions, just by replying to any particular chats sent into your channels or direct messages.

Rapid File Transfer

With Callink, you can transfer your files more rapidly than any other applications.

One-Click Text Format

You can easily format your text into bold, italic and underline by clicking one button on your keyboard. Make your messages appealing to read.

Instant Voice & Video Call Access

Callink makes communication easier than other applications. If texting is not enough, get in touch with your contacts or groups with voice and video calls.


Simple and Secure

Callink provides you not only a simple interface, but also guaranteed security. This messaging app is equipped with the end-to-end encryption technology which is secured and only you and the person you are communicating with can access the conversations. This technology complicates anyone in between to hack and read your messages without owning your application.

Why switch to Callink ?

Users will be able to use their Callink on Android OS, IOS, Windows Desktop, and Website Apps.
Messaging data are synchronized on your multiple devices. There won’t be any messaging duplication between one application to another.
Our combined multi-layered security prevents diverse methods of compromise and blocks them at multiple points.

Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface